We collaborate with other nonprofit organizations, government agencies, nonprofit law firms in providing high-quality language services.  Our goal is for everyone who is seeking asylum or any other form of lawful residency or stay in the United States to fully understand their rights throughout their entire process.  We also offer ESL classes so that our students can find and hold a good job.


Our professional translators will translate all documents related to your specific process or proceeding.  Whether you're seeking asylum, filing for or renewing a visa, or involved in any other process or proceeding, we will make sure you fully understand every single document you receive, what your rights are, and what is expected of you.

ESL Classes

We at CLAP are not only interested in seeing you gain lawful stay in the US, but we also want to put you in a position where you will succeed afterward.  That is why offer English as a Second Language (ESL) to anyone we assist.  


Our certified or registered interpreters will help you understand what is being said to you.  Regardless of whether it is an interview or meeting with a government official, prosecuting or defense attorney, or any other person involved in your specific process or proceeding, we will be there to ensure you completely comprehend what is happening.

Legal Assistance and Counseling

We understand the demand for low-cost and pro-bono legal services and that local organizations cannot always meet this demand.  So, we will strive to also help out in providing you with any legal assistance or counseling you need.

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